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Clicking sound when looping with crossfade

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  • Clicking sound when looping with crossfade

    Does everyone else also still get audible clicks/pops when you take a sample and set it to „loop“ forward or bidirectional even when you set a Crossfade?
    i thought the crossfade should have fixed that. Sometimes I manage to get the right amount of crossfade and find exactly the right looping points to not hear a click but it’s super hard work and I guess it shouldn’t be that hard and just never have a click sound. Does the looping/ crossfade algorithm need an improvement or am I doing something wrong?
    i never have this problem with other samplers. On other samplers you clearly hear the looping point when you don’t have any crossfade but it’s never a CLICK sound. Hope this gets better with future updates

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    I have good results zooming in on the waveform screen and getting the loop/start points on a zero crossing and then slowly nudging from there.