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Multiple sequences sample playback issue

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  • Multiple sequences sample playback issue

    I am not sure if this was mentioned already but I noticed yesterday, when sequencing more than 10 sequences at a time and they all play simultaneously, that the samples in a few sequences, especially Sequence 7 - onwards will not playback anymore.

    They are samples sequenced internally, meaning I am not sequencing midi from another synth. When I press the hard stop button twice on the backbox and restart all sequences the samples play fine once or twice going through the sequence, but then after the third or fourth time the last few sequences will stop playing back the samples.

    So, I did a test to see if the samples will playback if I turn off a few of the other first sequences and indeed they do playback, although sometimes inconsistently. So I decided to clear everything and loaded the samples again on the pad and sequenced them, didn't solve the issue. I also tested the different trigger modes (Trigger, Toggle, Gate) to see if it makes any difference but it didn't. So I was thinking perhaps the CPU is being overwhelmed by the myriad of samples that are being played back at the same time.

    Has anyone come across this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I had this same issue today, I have three sequences and playing any two of them together causes the longest clip to drop (which appears in the second and third sequence). I wondered if it was overuse of the CPU, so I started and stopped the sequences that contain the clip one by one. Dropouts continued. I can't find a consistent pattern to the behavior. I'm on FW 2.05. For power: I was using a freshly charged battery pack, then switched to the provided wall-wart and plugged in. For the Clip in question: the POS read-out is Loop Mode: ON; Beat Count 128; Qaunt Size: 4 Bars; Sync: 1/16. Thanks for any help you can provide.


    • Georges
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      launch mode set to: toggle or trigger?

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    Steve Lindstrom 3-5 clips simultaneously with several clips have not been an issue on my blackbox. Maybe you’ve found an edge case or a bug, or there may be an issue with your sd card ?


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      Georges, thanks for your reply: I think Toggle was the reason i was having the error I did have. It was a very long sample...a growling synth running through its modulations...128 steps I think. ...I switched it to Trigger and then switching between samples became doable without dropouts — though that sample played throughout its length when I switched to samples that did NOT contain it (so it would run to the end instead of re-triggering). The Toggle setting caused dropouts whenever I went to a sequence that did not have the sample and then attempted to return to a sequence that did have it. I assumed toggle would switch it on and off as I went from the sequence (with) to sequence (without). But it just dropped altogether instead, and would not restart without stopping the clock.


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        Originally posted by Georges View Post
        Steve Lindstrom 3-5 clips simultaneously with several clips have not been an issue on my blackbox. Maybe you’ve found an edge case or a bug, or there may be an issue with your sd card ?
        Card was formatted per recommendations / site specified on this forum. ...Ha ha maybe I found an "edge case" length of the file not being manageable somehow! See additional detail above.


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          Toggle when used for a pad of type clip in a sequence causes the clip to end together with the embedding sequence and it restarts with the sequence (important for this to work properly: sync must be set to something else than none). This feature is very convenient because it allows you to interrupt a longer clip at specified end.

          Trigger lets a clip run until its very end, indifferently from the sequence it forms part of. Though I think you should not retrigger the sequence in that case.

          Alternatively, you can also load a long clip as a pad of type sample, that is if time stretching is not needed. This opens up another world of possibilities.