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Performing A Full Set AND Recording It With Blackbox?

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  • Performing A Full Set AND Recording It With Blackbox?

    I am using my Blackbox for stage performance. My entire setup is Blackbox for playback of instrumentals and a Gemini GMX turntable controller for scratches/cuts over top the music (standalone beatbox/turntables setup). The turntables I have going through the single input on the Blackbox and on the Pads screen I've turned on recording on one empty pad so the turntable plays through the Blackbox. For my instrumentals I am using mixed and mastered wav files on the Pads screen, each song's instrumental is triggered by a single pad when its time for that song. So basically the top 8 pads have a full song and along the bottom I have kicks and snares for live percussion elements. I am using the headphone output to the venue's sound system. (The vocals go from my mic to the venue's sound system and do not pass through the Blackbox.) For me its a great standalone solution. I am not using any other screens currently and I have the out of the box firmware. So far my setup sounds great on my home system and I will be taking it to stage soon!

    I have two questions:

    Question #1: I am playing back 8 songs of all different tempos. Are there any default settings on the Blackbox which might be altering the playback? Is there anything automatically resampling or quantizing or doing anything other than faithful playback of the mastered instrumental I have loaded?

    Question #2: Is it possible for the Blackbox to record the full musical performance coming from the Blackbox into a single wav file? I'd like to use this to record a full show while I also use it to trigger all the songs on demand from pads. Keep in mind I have recording active on a single pad already so I can hear the scratching from my turntable. I am filming a gig and it would be great if the blackbox would record what it plays so I can use that audio file in video post-production.

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    No, you will not be able to do what you want with just the BlackBox. You will need to set the recording input to RESAMPLE which will cut out the live input from the turntable. Your best bet is a portable recorder such as the Zoom or Tascam in the $120 range. There are also much more affordable options at online retailers like Amazon with a 3.5mm input in the $30-50 range. If you had a bit more, you should take a look at the Zoom Q2-4k video/audio recorder. It's very small, has the same audio recording as a Zoom field recorder, and you would be able to have both audio and video of you performing from the desktop.

    Another option would be your phone with a small audio interface.The Behringer U-Connect USB audio interface, normally $25, is on sale for the next 6 days at Sweetwater for $9.99 and would be a super small piece to use. Make a little table top stand for the BlackBox and you could hide your recorder or phone underneath for a super clean look on stage.


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      Originally posted by Suspect Frequencies
      No, you will not be able to do what you want with just the BlackBox.
      Thanks for the response! This is what I thought in regards to recording the performance. I do indeed have a Zoom recorder that I guess I will use from one of the Blackbox outputs. That should work fine! I am assuming I can use any output and the default behavior will be hearing the same performance as the headphones output, or do I need to make sure the settings for the outputs need to be configured?

      I realize I am using this system in a way most people aren't but I do see some posts in the forum with similar questions, so I am glad to get your quick answer! Thanks again!

      This blackbox has solved a problem I've had for years! And it sounds GREAT
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        I always recommend the BlackBox for the single performer who has in essence 'backing tracks' that they perform over. In your case the DJ equipment, for others it could be a guitar, live synth/keys, a microphone for vocalists, or a second performer capturing their sound into the BB. There are others using it that way. Yes you will be able to have the PADS go to one of the 3 outputs (caution - these outputs are much hotter than standard so do some cautious and careful testing to get your setup correct and to protect your equipment and hearing), and everything will also go out of the HEADPHONES out as well. Another option could be just a splitter out of the headphones.


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          Originally posted by Suspect Frequencies
          I always recommend the BlackBox for the single performer who has in essence 'backing tracks' that they perform over.
          Exactly what I am doing! I don't want to stand behind a laptop. So what I have now is 2 turntables and a microphone and the Blackbox is the perfect beatbox for me. I've not dug into the Sequences screen or the Songs screen yet, I've basically just set up my setlist as a project on the pads screen and it works like a charm. I am looking forward to songwriting with this once I'm comfortable with the basics. For performing it works like magic right out of the box, I am already set up within the first hour I got it and now I am going to come up with a few tricks for a couple songs to spice up the set, things which I could not dream of doing with my previous setup but appear easy as pie on the bb.


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            Here's my setup / fully operational death star


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              That’s sweet looking! Really clean and minimal. Velcro the recorder underneath so it’s out of sight and you are ready for blast off! I’d love to see a video of it in action sometime.


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                Gentle Jones,

                GREAT setup and I'm using my Blackbox similar to the way you do. I have about 50 presets programmed with about 8 hours of mixes and sample pads I created in Logic Pro. I perform regularly using the BB as my main source of music, but I also play along with my guitar, theremin and a Moffenzeef Stargazer. I used to have everything on a Boss RC3 looper, but it was incredibly restricting. The BB allows me to bring in drums/bass/melody/etc in and out as I need in the moment. OR, I also have long mixes in a single sample that I can trigger too. The BB has completely expanded the scope of my show. I love this thing.

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                  After doing several shows with the BlackBox I've got my workflow and act just where I like it. Hope you enjoy!


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                    Originally posted by Gentle Jones
                    Here's my setup / fully operational death star
                    how are you maintaining sync ?


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                      Originally posted by armanmatin

                      how are you maintaining sync ?
                      manually. not using midi or anything. just doing it by feel.

                      i am about to update my system here, got some new bits coming in the mail that i will combine with my setup. i'll post a pic when i get it all together. in short, i am going to mount the blackbox directly to my mic stand and running cables from that to the soundsystem which i am streamlining for more control from the stage and higher fidelity. and it will look cooler from the crowd.

                      the last concert i did with a full bill of acts. there was a guy in the audience who afterward told me "as soon as you hit the stage the production quality went way up!"


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                        Yes, please share when you’re ready!

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                      OK so what I've done now is mounted my blackbox directly onto the mic stand like so:

                      Click image for larger version

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                      Click image for larger version

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                      I have an aux cable running from the blackbox phones jack to a direct box which splits it stereo into 2 xlr cables, which go to the mixing board. I have a USB power bank strapped at the base of the mic stand powering the blackbox.

                      Just this simple contraption has improved my stage show tremendously by streamlining my entire workflow.

                      And here's a video of it in action: