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v2.0.E Issues - PSET Screen Slow Load & Slicer Poly Mode Mono Only

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    v2.0.E Issues - PSET Screen Slow Load & Slicer Poly Mode Mono Only

    I've run into a couple of bugs on 2.0.E:
    1. When I enter the PSET screen, the blackbox pauses for about a second before the screen loads/populates. The screen is blank for this moment. When I do this while playing back sequences, clips, etc. the audio cuts out during this pause. This is of course no good when recording/performing.
    2. I can no longer set Poly Mode for slicer mode samples. It only allows me to choose Mono.
    3. The release notes mentions that long sample parameters no longer step on the neighboring parameter, but I'm still getting that overlap. I might have even lost resolution here (i.e. the Loop Start values aren't as long, thus more difficult to set the loop start to the exact middle of the sample, etc.) but I need to check this against the previous firmware version.
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    Thanks for reporting this. As a follow up question, how many presets do you have (approximately)? This could be a performance issue and the number of presets could be a factor.

    Thank you.


    • puffycaps
      puffycaps commented
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      I have a ton of presets – 184. It's no issue with v2.0.5 though.

    same issue, maybe 50-60 presets.

    i notice that the link to the 2.0.5 and 2.0 firmware is now missing? I would like to revert as i am having other new issues as well


      It would be nice if the previous 1-2 firmwares were always available on the website.


      • shankiphonic
        shankiphonic commented
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        I have 2.1.0 backed up on my MacBook if you want it.
        I’m fairly certain I have every other version [i’ve used] on disk somewhere. Use of said backups would be at your own risk.
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      same issues, even in normal sampling mode (41 presets on sd card)

      + also sampled /recorded wav's dissapearing after saving


        Thanks for letting us know. We have an update coming.


          I'm experiencing similar issues on 2.1.5 today.

          details - also provided with the video:
          *unlisted.* Aaron/Steve -
          I just updated to 2.1.5 last night (from 2.1.0) and I'm noticing unexpected behavior associated with the PSET button.
          1. high latency loading preset list. I never timed it before because it appeared to be more or less "instant" in the past. This really threw me off.
          Also: GIVEN: After a PSET is loaded, and the blackbox is playing (i.e. i hit play):
          2. when a clip is launched for the first time, it sounds like the audio from that clip +/- always is interrupted the next time the PSET button is pressed.
          3. If the PSET button is pressed a second time after the clip was already launched at least once, the clip audio sometimes drops out.
          4. problem #2, above can be observed again and again for each new clip that is launched.
          expected behaviors -
          1. lower latency, i.e. faster load time of preset list.
          2. no unexpected audio drop outs occur following the press of the PSET button while the blackbox is playing.


          • groovelove
            groovelove commented
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            Same issue for me on 2.1.5.
            - The PSET folder loads way slower than on 2.0.5 (I have around 75 projects in there)
            - I am hearing the clips drop out when pressing PSET button.

          • Michal Ho
            Michal Ho commented
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            Same issues on 2.1.5.

          • shankiphonic
            shankiphonic commented
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            Yup. coming up on 2 months since I reported my 2.1.5 issues and still not a peep from the 1010music team. :-(