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Issue with preset when midi sync

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  • Issue with preset when midi sync

    Hello. I have the bluebox and blackbox. Im very happy with the boxes, but i think the black box have a midi + other gear issue. Its cind of hard to reproduce this but what happens is: i sync the box with my digitakt, sending triggers and clock to blackbox. X
    . Suddenly the box wil skip from the preset im working in, right back to presset number one. It has happened when im going back and forth between patterns in the Digitakt too.
    ​​​ It allso happens sometimes when i switch it on. Instead of the last preset i was working on it goes right to number one.. Last night i payed a gig, and im using the bb as a poly synth. This time not synced to digitakt, but argon8 sending notes to bb. Same thing happened. Boom right from the presset im using with the band to number one. Luckily it was i between songs. Please help. Its not reliable as livebkx if this keeps happening. Thank you
    Am i maybe doing something wrong in the way midi is set up? And suggestion to problemsearch is welcome.

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    The Blackbox may change presets if it receives a Program Change midi message. If you do not want the Blackbox to change presets via external gear, go to Tools > MIDI In > Program Change and choose OFF.