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How to find out the tempo of a project (external sync)?

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  • How to find out the tempo of a project (external sync)?

    This is probably a really dumb question but I'll ask it anyway: how do I find out what the tempo was of an old project which was externally synced? These days I try to include the tempo in the project name to make life easier later but sometimes I forget. Bear in mind I only ever record to the pads, never use song mode or sequences etc. Fingers crossed there's something I've missed, cheers.

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    You mean the external tempo? My guess is that this information would not be saved internally with the preset. However, you should check in the xml file of the preset (usually toward the end of the file), maybe there is a trace left - just in case: an xml file can be opened with a browser or a text editor à la notepad++ or vscode.


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      Not quite sure if I understand what you mean. The tempo you can set when you push the song button is saved in the project and will be used when the BB is being synced by the internal clock. When you use an external clock, you can still use this setting as an information what tempo the project was meant to be for. At least that's how I'm using it.


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        I've never touched the Song button but I guess I could try and remember to go into that and type it in - but if I could remember that I could remember to rename the project and include the tempo there. I meant to check the xml file but totally forgot - good tip, will look. I suspect the BB does know/store the tempo so it knows the correct initial tempo for recorded clips.

        On my Roland RC-505-II, even though it is externally synced, whenever I pull the MIDI cable it tells me what the tempo was when I last saved - one of those features I wish everything had in some form or other. It really helps we who are old, vague and careless (in exactly the same way that putting 'Rename' right next to 'Delete' doesn't).
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          have you been able to check the xml file?

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        Completely forgot sorry, you'll laugh but I hardly ever have the laptop in the studio these days so computery thoughts tend not to occur. Hopefully I'll remember tomorrow.


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          I looked in the xml file but it's all gibberish to me I'm afraid. I searched on a known BPM (from a preset I remembered to add it to the project name) but it doesn't appear.
          It's weird really as the BB must surely know the BPM for its timestretch algorithm for clips. Maybe it writes them into the wavs like Acid used to (if I remember my ancient history correctly). Either way, it would sure be handy if the BB itself could just tell me.


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            +1 hey yup cmon BB tell us