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    yo, i got rickrolled, i feel daft, its the oldest trick in the book and i fell for it. The fast talking salesman has a well rehearsed demonstration that make the product seem amazing, indispensable, immediately effective but, of course, when the poor gullible fool gets home it turns out the snakeoil he thought he bought is just a bottle yellow water that smells a bit like stale piss.

    i know i'm not the only one - after watching that Rickey Tinez video where he's showing the BB learning midi controls from the LaunchControl XL, I thought, fool that i am, i need myself one of them. The functionality it'll add will be amazing! it looks so easy! ha! After a couple days i'm pulling my hair out, i think its a cable/ power issue but -tried every USB cable i own and get the same result.

    after a couple minutes- at most usually less - the midi messages stop working, if i unplug the LC XL and plug it back in, it works for a minute then same again.

    the LC XL (mk2) is in low power mode and switched all the lights off
    BB is on 2.05 update -

    if it is cable issue what are the specs to buy a suitable USB cable or do i to get a splitter to power the LC xl?

    is there anyway of sharing a COMPONENTS template for the BB?

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