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Losing usb midi connection between Blackbox and nanoKontrol 2/ Midisonic Cubit Duo

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  • Losing usb midi connection between Blackbox and nanoKontrol 2/ Midisonic Cubit Duo


    The Blackbox loses connection to midi devices plugged into the USB socket.

    After about 5-10 minutes of use the Blackbox will drop the connection to the nanoKontrol 2. I bought a new nanoKontrol 2 and still the same issue. Today using the Midisonic Cubit Duo the same problem. Blackbox disconnects after a period of time.

    With the nanoKontrol 2 I could unplug and plug it at the device (nanoKontrol). It would start working again but then disconnect after a few minutes or so. This exact problem happened with both the new and old NanoKontrol 2. On and on.... Also I tried several different cables between the Blackbox and the nanoKontrol 2. Nothing changed. Also the nanoKontrol light stays lit even after losing connection. Tried it with the Blackbox plugged into the wall.

    With the Midisonic Cubit Duo I had to unplug the usb at the Blackbox or even sometimes unplug the Blackbox.

    I have tried all kinds of chord combinations including plugging the Blackbox into a wall socket

    I am using both plugged into the USB socket and running firmware 2.1.0

    i have spent many hours trying to troubleshooting this.

    PS Longtime Blackbox user and newer Bluebox, Lemondrop user.

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    This is caused - 90% of the time - by inadequate power. NanoKontrol should not be drawing a lot of power so I would look elsewhere first. What else is connected to blackbox? How are you using MIDI? Are you using the transport on the NanoKontrol? We need more info to help.


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      I think the problem stems from the fact that I had two items drawing on the same power source. Oops! :/ Sorry to waste your time.

      Stimming's comments about the Blackbox on Jamie Lidells "Hanging Out With Audiophiles" are so true. You have managed to make a very important and greater than the sum of its parts sampler/groovebox. The interface is brilliant. My hat is off. I love this machine.