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Samples randomly not loading

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  • Samples randomly not loading

    Sometimes when powering on the blackbox (firmware 2.0.5 and previous versions), some samples (wav files loaded from the SD card) will randomly appear blank and not playing, despite being correctly assigned to a slot. Reloading the sample fixes this. But quite frustrating, to have to double check that all samples are correctly loaded. This happens to Long samples (3-4min.) I've also experienced a smaller sample (1min.) where only the beginning of the sample would play, but reloading it caused the whole sample to work correctly.
    I have had the same project for a while and it still happens from time to time, that samples will be missing, without any other clue, that they do not play and the waveform is missing.
    Hoping for a fix.
    Thanks for an otherwise great box!
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    I have a similar problem if I take the SD card out (i.e to load a wav from computer), then put it back in the BB. It's tedious but ok to reload the wav back on to the pad but if it had slices they disappear, very annoying!


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      Sorry to hear this. Please start by updating your firmware. 2.1.0 is the current version and I know we worked on something like this problem. After that, please try SD Mode: Compatible in the TOOLS menu.


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        I am using 2.1 and have returned to the BB (new unit) after a year out! it did this also on my last BB unit!


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          I've run into this issue in the past, not so much anymore. At some point I switched to another SD card, I think that may have been the trick. 128gb seems to be sweet spot in terms of capacity and performance, get as high spec as you can afford.