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Blackbox MIDI in Arturia BSP issues

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  • Blackbox MIDI in Arturia BSP issues

    Howdy y’all! I’m trying to use my best step pro to trigger pads on my blackbox and I’m having a few issues. I am plugging both devices into separate outlets using the appropriate cables. When I try to send midi to the blackbox from the beat step, it often will not trigger, and in some cases will eventually stop sync altogether. This is both with the 5 pin midi cable and the USB connection. Is there a solution to this problem? Firmware 2.0

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    Based on your info, my first guess is a MIDI loop. But I would need to know more about your channel assignments to verify. I do have. BSP and it does work as expected with my blackbox. It is likely in your settings. Also, update to 2.1.3 as there have been fixes since 2.0.