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how to sync 2 black box directly

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  • how to sync 2 black box directly

    Hello, with a friend we try to connect 2 black box to be in sync, one is the master,.
    But the other dont start.
    could you help? the sync works when we go through a thru of an external machine.

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    nobody? sorry if I am a beginner...


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      Please please always share your firmware version as a number. Otherwise, it is difficult to help you. Next, please give us more information - how are you connecting? how are you trying to sync? how are you determining it is not working? This is the very basic info needed.

      You can absolutely sync multiple blackbox together.

      I moved this to the appropriate forum section -- Support.


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        Thank you. I have the version 2.1.0, I just want to connect the Mdii out to the midi In of the 2nd black box of my friend. One master and the other one slave. But I don't find the right way to sync. The 2nd one doesn't start. ??it is probably something super simple to do?



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          There is a more recent update though syncing should be plug and play. Please tell us more about your setup and connections.


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            Aux cord -> clock jacks