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Bug report - Resampeling

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  • Bug report - Resampeling

    Hey 1010
    Old verision 2.1.0
    Got an issue to report. It has happent a handfull of times. I resample my pattern with a singe sample (usualy from a long file) and it will capture the new sound file BUT, there is a silance in the first part of the recording (Check the image) It has happend a couple of times as I said, but, usualy when I delete the bad recording and try again it works fine..
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    Do you have any idea when this exactly happens? eg the first time you’re using resampling in a session? does it also happen with regular recording?

    Maybe also post your sd card specs as well as the relevant bb global setting and confirm whether or not you’ve initially formatted the card with SD Card Formater, that is if you’re expecting any help from the 1010music team.

    As a side note, I’ve noticed on 2.0.5 that when switching to resam mode, the first time of resampling never has a click track when recording.
    Any subsequent resampling attempt has the click track, under the condition that the first time you let it record for a few seconds beyond the count-in.
    This is consistent misbehaviour. Not sure it is of any relevance here but maybe there is something deeper to this behaviour.


    • MixWithPassion
      MixWithPassion commented
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      Dealing with that as well in 2.1.5. Also when I resample,if anything hits on the 1, it's transient is missing. Seems like this has always been a problem on this machine though, with no fix.

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    There is no bad recording, it's just not reading the file correctly. If you clear the file out, then load it again you will see it will all be there. It's one of those odd quirks of the blackbox I've learned to live with.


    • Georges
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      indeed, this hasn’t happened to me in a while but it does happen on occasion with supposedly loaded pads, resampled or not

    • arteom
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      Georges, same for me. Had not seen it in a long time, but just ran into it a day or two ago.