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Set Pad mode and modulations BEFORE recording?

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  • Set Pad mode and modulations BEFORE recording?

    I've been having a lot of fun with BB's granular mode (and assigning CC's to it), but found that you always need a pad to be recorded and all CC's assigned manually before the fun can be had-) Which makes it more of a studio sound design thing than a live looping-and-mangling thing. I know it can be really hard to implement, but what if we could set an EMPTY pad to be, say, granular, and assign CCs to granular parameters, so that you could just press record in the middle of a live set and suddenly have some other sound source connected to BB's input recorded and instantly gone granular? Imagine something like a Digitone playing some bells and then suddenly falling apart into a granular texture with 'window' knob from a controller. Or anything, really - an acoustic instrument that glitches and becomes synth-like with 'grain size'. I mean, right now it takes RECORD-INFO-mode-granular-INFO-INFO-knobs, not really a fast thing to do. Having a configured pad with a random recording in it doesn't help, since the new recording automatically defaults the pad back to sample mode, deleting all CC assigns (or maybe I'm wrong, need to check that when I get home). Anyway, that's a feature suggestion, but if anyone knows of a way to do that that I'm missing, please tell me.

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    Please search the forum before posting. This, which belongs to the wish list, exists in various forms and has been commented on recently. thanks for the feedback.


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      Hi nottieru​, give a look to
      Hi, I recently submitted a post in Support section but, after a search in the forum, I discovered that my issues were not real issues…I was taking for granted some features that are actually not present in the software :) And I also discovered that a lot of other users are asking for the same features... So I try here,