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  • Updating from 1.7F

    Just started my flight with Blackbox, very positive impressions, with a mini keyboard from M-Audio and novel approach to sequences this device is a beast even before I have grasped how song mode brings this to a higher level.

    The box has its firmware - as in the title, and as I build my first tracks, I thought I would check if it worth upgrading now to the most recent stable 2.xx - are you happy enough with 3.00 beta or is it still not suitable for making music rather than beta-testing.

    Also, do projects as early as 1.7 migrate well to 2.x, then 3?


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    If you’re just starting, definitely upgrade the firmware and back up your SD card before doing so.

    If you’re gigging, use 2.1.5; otherwise, use 2.9.1 (3.0 beta).

    People are reporting mixed success using 2.9.1 to play sequences from 2.1.5. Having made the prescribed backup of your SD card, you can always test your own results without penalty.


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      I was not aware the 2.9.1 was the beta actually. I'll stay with 2.1.5 for a while because at this stage, I could not always tell a bug from functionality.


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        The only reason I suggest 2.9.1 is that it changes a lot about how sequencing, songs, and MIDI work. Better for a new user to learn the new way than to learn methods that are being deprecated. It’s not very buggy. I would only advise against if you’re gigging with it.


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          That is a valid point especially given that I have already hit a wall with how sequencing is done the old way. Remaining concern, I have had a reset of the device in the middle of playback. 2.5.1, not sure what it might be.


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            Make sure you are properly powering the device with a USB cable and wall adapter that can carry 2A @ 5V. Not all USB cables are meant to carry power.


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              That's a NI cable, so it does carry power. Also, I would expect that the cable either does or does not power, right?

              As for the power source, I have been using a power brick having 5v 3a on output. Has proven reliable for months on a variety of gear. Thanks


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                Not necessarily. Carrying power and carrying enough power can be two different things. Batteries can be great but when they can sometimes show a decrease in output as they drain - or after time. What you describe is almost always connected to power.