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launchpad pro mk1 anyone?

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  • launchpad pro mk1 anyone?

    Does it perform BB functions out of the box?
    How much did you manage to confiture it?
    Please can you share the configuration magic?

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    To answer my question, yes, it does work out of the box, quite amazingly: via usb with powering and via midi, with the triggering, clearing and recording into pads (how great is that) and triggerin sequences from a single 16x16 pad.

    Further things to clarify:
    1. No light feedback though. Can this somehow be configured?
    2. Notes mode in launchpad bleeds into drumpad functionality. Looks like notes and drums are not being distinguished. Is that mendable?
    3. Yellow Drum pads do play notes do play notes but this does not get recorded as midi. I went to midi rec and set it to on, but no difference.


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      2. To answer myself, looks like this is where the third generation of launchpads might prove very useful with their Components.

      so I have componented launchpad mini mk3 to have its drum pads sent via channel 2 and keys via channel 1.
      this was reflected in tools, midiin, midi pads set to 2, midi seq, name which is misleading but was called midi notes in v.2.0, set to channel 1.

      What is good is that now notes do now the keys do not trigger pad recording and clearing or sequence triggering.

      still, if you want pads to play, each of them needs to be set to a midi channel in pad menu. Still good, but the problem is that I think in previous versions, the keys would play only for a selected pad, so selecting a pad would be a quick way of arming it for notes coming. Unless you want o be changing channel on your controller, whcih in case of launchpad mk3 mini would be problematic, you would want to set all the pads to listen to channel 1 but only the selected pad would play, which is not the case.
      Any way to amend this in this build or is it something to be fixed in the code?
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