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Keyboard input affects notes played and triggers pads

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    Keyboard input affects notes played and triggers pads

    I have m-audio keystation 32 mk3 keyboard and have found its keys to be amazing for anything percussive. It look however that, as in the title, some keys trigger pads' loops or sequences and play notes at the same time.
    Could something be wrong about how my keyboard is internally configured? How do you go about preventing triggering from interfering with note playing?


    I'm on v2.5.1

    There is a MIDI setting in TOOLS called MIDI Pads that lets you choose a channel for operating your Blackbox remotely with MIDI notes, mapped to pads and sequences. It’s mentioned in the 2.0 user manual (p.94). Make sure it’s set to None or a different MIDI channel if you don’t want notes on your MIDI controller to trigger pads and sequences.