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Blackbox as an audio thru/mixing device

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  • Blackbox as an audio thru/mixing device

    Hey folks. I have been considering getting a Blackbox as a sampler/sound module for triggering one shots and long samples, and also for playing it as a sample based synth (aka rompler) by multi sampling. Yet I have another synth for my live setup. So I wonder if I can connect the output of the synth to the input of Blackbox, and route the synth to mix with the multisample pads, and then to the the same output of Blackbox. I don’t know if I have made it clear. Cheers guys and gals.

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    A helpful guy on Reddit has just confirmed this.


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      You can do it if you leave an empty pad and properly set up the record monitor logic. But you won't get any benefit from the blackbox delay or reverb doing this. Just a pass-through.


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        Razzmatazz can do it via a handy In Level preference...why not Blackbox?


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          It is not a feature of the blackbox. Please pursue this request on the wish list.


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            I'd like to add to the possibilities that the passed through audio is still affected by the BB's internal compressor, so it's possible to create a side chain pumping effect to the passed through audio, if dialed correctly. Of course the the compressor can be switched off.