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metronome bug in resampling mode?

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  • metronome bug in resampling mode?

    The first time one uses resample mode, the metronome does not sound, that is neither during count-in nor during the actual resampling. After you stop and redo resample again, the metronome is back.

    Firmware: 3.0.7. (version doesn’t matter, it’s been there for a long while since 2.x at least)
    Metronome set to Rec or Play.

    How to reproduce the issue?

    Enter Pad Record screen
    Choose resampling mode
    Press Play+Rec buttons

    There it is, or rather not, the metronome, all silent. The same behaviour appears every time when you switch to resample.

    Only after you let it record once for 1-2 seconds, then stop, then record again, the metronome will be audible again.