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Trigger Multiple Pads From A Single "Midi Imported" Sequence ?

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  • Trigger Multiple Pads From A Single "Midi Imported" Sequence ?

    • hello there wonderfull people, i have been struggling a lot being able to trigger multiple pads from an imported MIDI Sequence..

    • i can certainly do that when i control the blackbox via ableton. But when i import the same midi sequence i have found no way of controlling multiple pads from the same midi file.

    tried all midi ins and outs configurations and nothing.. i can only trigger ONE PAD with that sequence
    Is that possible please?


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    Sequences and pads have a 1:1 relationship in v3.x


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      Thanks for your answer Steve ! Well its weird, yesterday i instaleld version 3.0.9 and could not do it.. very weird..


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        I literally Imported a Midi File tha was exported from Ableton. This file was trigerring multipe pads from a single Midi file (in the piano roll) via ableton
        / Pads where not assigned to a specific midi ch, only the master midi in tools was on ch 1.

        • So i exported the midi file and when i imported the same midi sequence i have found no way of controlling multiple pads.
        / The only difference i noticed is that whenever i exported from Ableton.. if in ableton my notes where in C1 , the same file was on C2 on the Black box. Tried to change them but still could not trigger the pads.

        Will keep trying..
        Today ill make a test sending the same file via a Sequencer Squarp Pyramid


        • Steve
          Steve commented
          Editing a comment
          This should not work in a version 3

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        ow !!! i had this revelation.. my project was created on an older version... so when i updated i did not work..
        so i figured it out to begin a new project with the 3.0.9 and it worked !

        • so its important to note that projects created on an earlier version dont work normal on a 3.0.9 , is that correct ?>

        thank you


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          i did not work again !
          • ive found out that whenever i import the midi file from ableton my sequences dont work..
          • here are 4 videos showing the trouble i am having:


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            In version 3, a sequence will only control a single pad. This is intentional. If you had sequences in version 2 that had multiple layers triggering multiple pads, these will not work the same way in version 3.


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              Please do not make the same post multiple times.


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                • Thanks Steve ! OK.. i will make my best to post the fewest possible.

                Talking about the same subject, the weird thing is that whatever Midi Clip i export from ableton Makes the sequencer mode inactive so it Stops working.
                Why could that be ?


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                  • My only turn around is that im Sequencing all my Pads with a Squarp Pyramid because the sequencer mode is not working very easily.