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SEQUENCING PITCHBEND? ---> Waldorf Streichfett - another question

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  • SEQUENCING PITCHBEND? ---> Waldorf Streichfett - another question

    With your help I was been able to sequence my Waldorf Streichfett synth with this setup - but I cannot get it to record and playback any pitchbend (or modwheel) events triggered from the Arturia shown here. With this setup I can "play" the pitchbended notes from the Waldorf, and hear that it's happening when I play them, but it doesn't get recorded into a sequence? Any thoughts? Is this possible with the Blackbox? The notes get sequenced fine, it's just pitchbend and such isn't getting recorded. THANK YOU 1010million
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    as far as i know, midi as a standard had no ability to record pitch bend and mod wheel, because its operating through sending note on/off commands only when they happen, and there is no continuous stream of data, thus no ability to record/playback time sensitive actions.

    clostest thing i can think of for recording performance "as it is", is probably motion control lanes on modern KORG devices. theres more for sure, but i cant remember.
    thankfully Blackbox is a sampler, so might aswel sample your performance and skip the midi part alltogether.
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      ...i feel like it should work...anyone else try this?


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        just hoping someone might have a thought?


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          The blackbox sequencer does not capture CC events. Only note events. So this is possible with a DAW or other stand-alone sequencers, it is not possible with the blackbox.


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            that solves that - thank you so much for clarifying!!