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Midi controlling Volume, gone after loading new sample

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  • Midi controlling Volume, gone after loading new sample

    I want to use a midi controller to control the voume of the pads/samples on Blackbox. I've midi-learned the knob i want and it works fine.
    But when I load a new sample into that pad, the midi-map is gone. I can, ofcourse midi-learn again, but this makes no sense, especially in a live enviroment... Very frustrating.

    I've updated to 3.0.9, but no change there.

    Is this how it's supposed to be? Am I doing anything wrong? Or is it a bug?

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    This is something that gets quite a few complaints, particularly from people using the Blackbox for looping and live performances.

    You may have forgotten, but you asked a near identical question previously and it spurred a lot of discussion. That previous thread was called "blackbox forgets midi mapping."

    Anyway, 1010 asks that we don't repeat post and also that we indicate our desire for changes by adding "+1" replies to existing Wish List topics.

    If you're wondering where you should put your "+1," this seems to be the most popular Wish List topic asking that pad settings are not forgotten when loading new samples:

    Thanks in advance for adding your support for this. 1010 has even commented in the thread that they hear us regarding the issue.


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      I did not forget this. But it seems they did. Oh well. I do apologize and continue to wait for this very basic feature to be added. Until then I’ll just change volume on the blackbox itself, one pad at a time..