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List of compatible midi controllers for Blackbox

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  • List of compatible midi controllers for Blackbox

    Hi all,

    Just thought it would be handy to maybe have a list of compatible midi controllers/Pads we know that work with the Blackbox for future reference.
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    akai mpd 218 , korg nano ,


    • DylanFree
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      Are you liking that mpd218 ?

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    Arturia Keystep

    IK Multimedia UNO Synth

    WIDI Bud (BLE connector)

    Through WIDI Bud:

    Roli Lightpad Block M
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    • Techno Mystic
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      Good call on the Widi Bud. Apparently, they have stopped manufacturing them because Apple has made a change that stops them working. The replacement is the uHost which isn't available yet (as at March 2021) and it looks a bit bigger than the Widi Bud.

    • IgsterKicks
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      Well yeah, in order to send the notes in the sequence, the blackbox would have to be playing, right?

      I don't think the issue is Widi Bud specific - seems that blackbox never intended to send sequenced notes out via USB Device port, I started a thread about it here:
      Would it be possible to enable blackbox sequences to send midi notes out via USB Device? I love using my blackbox as a compact sequencer! I know, I know, it's conceptually a sampler, but having the option to drive a real synth via midi out, and to fall back to a sampled pad when on the go is such a powerful workflow.

    • Techno Mystic
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      Sorry, I see what you mean now about notes, not just start and stop.

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    Launchpad pro seems to work out of the box, haven't experimented with configuring it beyond default.


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      novation launchkey mini mk2


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        Pioneer AS-1 works as a keyboard controller over USB, although the first USB cable I tried didn't work.

        Update: AS-1 MIDI over Blackbox host port is intermittent. :/
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        • underwood
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          Have you tried other power supply or active usb hub. If you power the AS-1 with external power source, there may be an ground loop.

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        Xone K2 does not work.


        • subsequent
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          xone k2 works perfect here, even dual set up is working

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        Akai MPD226 works


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          Yamaha reface DX, Arturia Beatstep, & Akai MPK mini all work.


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            KORG PADKONTROL works !
            Native instruments F1 controller (in midi mode ) NOT working.
            Good to trigger and sequence external : roland TR-8s drumcomposer.., Electribes ,(and route output from blackbox in tr or electribe to have external FX
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              m-audio keystation 32 mini works


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                Arturia Beatstep Pro works:
                • midi note information can be sent to blackbox from any of the sequencers on the BSP. (Independent Midi channel can be set per sequencer on the BSP which gives some flexibility).
                • Control Mode appears to allow for stop/play in transport controls but not record arm.
                I'll do some more testing as to how this could be better setup to play blackbox pads on BSP sequencer one and launch blackbox sequences on BSP sequencer 2.

                Novation Launchkey mini mk1 (original) is buggy and seems to stop working at random.
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                  Komplete kontrol a25 works, not maschine mk2


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                    Akai MPKminiII works perfect !!!!


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                      FaderFox SC4 and PC4 works!