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List of compatible midi controllers for Blackbox

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    I use Novation Circuit as a MIDI controller for Blackbox when I just want to play with Blackbox. They make a creative couple. It's fun, for example, to start with an empty SD card and then construct track by sampling everything from Circuit. This allows to make quite rich and complex arrangements on Blackbox side. E.g. you can use a number of Circuit packs for the sampled material.


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      Hi jarkko,
      circuit + bb will be my setup quite soon, I'm very happy to hear that they work well together.

      some questions:
      - what circuit knobs/pads did you midi map to what on the bb?
      - what limitations do you experience in using circuit as a bb midi controller?



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        Would the MIDI Fighter Twister work? It has special twistetwist with push feature that's supposed to reset the knob position or turn on and off effects. I don't know much beyond what the shirt YouTube vid told me. Anyone use midi fighter stuff on the blackbox?

        It's pretty costly, but it's exactly what I need. 16 encoders and 16 pads for on off control.


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          Besides the midifightertwister, another one someone should try is the novationzeroslmkii.

          I'm curious about both those.


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            Squarp Pyramid.


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              Steinberg CMD-PD works and fit better for little dimensions. Very useful for melodic approach.


              • Chris Moon
                Chris Moon commented
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                Looks great, but couldn't find one on the Net.

              • Steve
                Steve commented
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                Same here....looks great for BB

              • hughes1960
                hughes1960 commented
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                after last update don't work more... sigh

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              The old cable Midi to Usb can connect BB to Ipad old version. Great for sequencing soft- synth like NaveWaldorf, MiniMoog or Thor.


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                I saw postings indicating that these
                KEITH McMILLEN products work:

                Does anyone know if the KEITH McMILLEN
                K-BOARD works as a MIDI controller?

                I realize that may sound like a redundant question.
                you never know... Glitches are everywhere.

                So say we all.


                • BitFarm
                  BitFarm commented
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                  K-Board works! Haven't tried remapping anything, just played some notes.

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                Artiphon Orba with Widi Bud

                1. Only a maximum of six pads are available to start and stop sequences due to MIDI notes not matching up and (as at March 2021) they are not configurable for Blackbox sequences or on the Orba.
                2. Widi Bud is no longer manufactured, reportedly due to incompatibilities with Apple products . The replacement is uHost which is due to launch in April 2021.


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                  with the nanoKONTROLS2 (usb), when BB begins to flash/stress out in a light manner, well unpluging the midi korg device is helping a little bit the BB not to crack... i may undersatnd that draining power from BB (as this midi controller does) is making thing going worse ???
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                    I play stringed instruments.
                    Fishman TriplePlay Hexaphonic MIDI Pickup for Electric Guitar works mono and poly.
                    Direct Device USB input or thru Kenton Thru-5 MIDI Thru Box connected to Male 3.5mm TRS to Female 5 pin DIN, MIDI Class B.