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List of compatible midi controllers for Blackbox

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    Arturia Keystep 37 works but occasionally has power issues that cause the bb to power cycle when on a power bank unless the Keystep is powered separately. This does not happen with wall power.

    Arturia KEYLAB 49 works as expected works better with wall power too.

    Akai MPD218 pads map 1:1 to the bb pads. All types of pads respond as expected. Velocity response is nice!

    Arturia Microbrute Keys work as expected.

    Akai APCKeys25 does not work as expected and is not usable.
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      with my roland a-500 pro lcd lights up but its totally blank and doesnt play, anyone vouch for this?


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        You have to check the manual for each of your controllers. Any controller that requires more than 5v 500mA is going to need its own power. There is no way around this. Also, controllers that rely on many LEDs will either need to be in low-power mode or will need their own power.

        If you have not - please check this out. It has been a rock-solid solution for this very issue.