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  • Long sample problem

    I don't know why anyone else would do this, but I loaded a full 27-minute wav of my band's backing tracks onto a pad in a preset. Midway through the 3rd song it seized up and played a constant electronic buzzing sound (kind of when you loop a very small section of audio). I've since resolved the problem by loading a song onto each pad, but it seemed worthy of reporting. It's a 2-channel, 16 bit, 44khz sample of drums, bass synth, and some arps/additional synth. My microSD is a SanDisk 32gb. I also had sampled instruments assigned to 3 pads on 3 midi channels on the preset. I don't think I changed the polyphony to mono, so that might be a factor. I only tried to do it that way (whole set on one pad) coz I'm lazy, hahahaha!

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    Hi Paul,

    We have a couple of test files that we use that are the length of full movies and we haven't heard that type of behavior before. Were you doing anything else with the box that would have taken up CPU? Have you checked that your file was copied properly onto the microSD card?

    Thanks for letting us know. We'll check our long file playback again.


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      Hi, thank you for the response. I had a Keystep going into the usb midi port to play sampled instruments, but it wasn't actively playing when this happened. The file might be messed up, because it happened in the same spot in the song both times. Gonna update, check my file transfer, and try it again. In the meantime, I have backing tracks for each song on separate pads and it's working great.


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        I was just thinking of getting a Keystep to launch samples on my Blackbox. How is yours working for you?


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          There's an open issue with the KeyStep and blackbox right now, described here:

          I recommend trying something else.