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Sequenced note triggers pad on different channel as well as external device

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  • Sequenced note triggers pad on different channel as well as external device

    Hi, just received my blackbox and digging in. So I set up a sequence to trigger my audiothingies micromonsta and set the midi iut to channel 2. I have a set of pads set up for the percussion on channel default. Now when I sequence any notes on the sequence set to channel 2, if that note also corresponds to a note designated for any of the pads it is also triggered despite the seq track out being set to channel 2 (and not 1 where the drum samples are) How do I stop this behavior? Or do I have to avoid the 16 note range designated to the pads.
    Secondly if I set two or more pads to the same midi channel they all get triggerred together when striking a note set to any pads on the same midi channel with my korg pad kontrol. Do I have to set each pad to its own midi channel?
    First question more pressing, though it ms they are related
    Firmware 1.0.2

    Thanks for any guidance.

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    Hi digidestruct,
    I think you still have the global midi channel (in the tools menu) set to omni. This setting lets you select which midi in channel will trigger the pads.
    if you select a midi in channel to the same channel on more than one pad, both get triggered, which is a nice feature, when you want to layer samples.
    I also think the midi settings are explained in the blackbox manual in detail.


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      Just to report back, it appears only pad 1 (note 36) continues to trigger at the same time as the external synth, moving the sample (a kick drum) to pad 13/note 48 (and leaving pad 1 empty) resolved the problem strangely. Seems like a bug to me, but not a show stopper


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        Update, still encountering this in the newest firmware 1.1.1, seems like you can't have anything in pad 1 if you are playing back a sequence sent to external gear (and don't want pad 1 triggered) I will try and post exact steps to reproduce when I get the chance


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          Why won't anyone at 1010music address this issue? , still exists in firmware 1.2.2
          Steps to reproduce
          1.make any keys sequence and play
          You will notice if you have a sample in pad one it gets triggered for every note in the keys sequence
          2. Go to your sequence and switch from keys to pads yiu will see a corresponding note is added to pad one for every KEYS note in same sequence
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