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Loops not syncing - am I pushing it too hard?

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  • Loops not syncing - am I pushing it too hard?


    First time poster. Love the Black Box. Even my Octatrack's getting nervous.

    Anyway. I mix and match recorded loops from my own gear with commercial loops from say Loopmasters and such. My own are usually longer, between 8 to 32 bars, the commercial ones I tend to stick to 1 to 4 bars (mosty drums).

    At least half of my sixteen slots for samples are usually loops of the kind and sometimes (frequently), they tend to drift. Sometimes, they're in perfect sync. Sometimes, they're not. I can't for the life of me figure out why. I literally do no change, and sometimes it just works and sometimes it doesn't. A few parameters to consider:

    I sequence the Black Box from a Pyramid (which is awesome, by the way, since they seem to think the same way about tracks and sections). They both run on battery power (the same battery (also awesome!!)). So maybe I'm pushing this micro station too hard for a battery powered rig.

    The samples are stereo. A few, say three or four, use the fx.

    As mentioned, some of the loops are quite long. But they are all monophonic.

    They're Clips, not Samples. No splicing, nothing like that going on.

    As I mentioned, sometimes when I launch from the Pyramid, it all just works. Sometimes, changing nothing, I launch and then it all drifts and is out of sync.

    I'm okay with this simply being about battery power or me pushing the CPU too hard, I just want to make sure this is expected behaviour (I remember the Deluge worked the same way - push it too hard, it just starts to act up) and I kind of prefer this, to let me decide how to allocate the CPU resources rather than having an imposed limit like most other boxes do.

    Anyway, thanks for a great instrument, I really love this little thing.

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    Okay, so it seems the issue is with the Pyramid somehow, or the sync between the two. I've recreated the same sequence within the Black Box sequencer and got no performance or sync issues. Whatever's going on, it's between the Pyramid and the Box.


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      Are you syncing over usb? I tried it with my circuit and it worked better via midi ports.



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        Nope, regular din. It seems either the Black Box don't like to get so much stuff triggered externally all at once - these issues mostly occur when I start a sequence - or it's just too taxing to run both of these devices on the same battery.