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MIDI clock slave

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  • Klaustrophil
    Same problem for me! The Rytm is the master clock and when I'm stopping the sequencer, the BB playback continues. Definitely a bug.

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  • Louvelle
    started a topic MIDI clock slave

    MIDI clock slave

    hi all, I just connected my BB to my Digitakt, with the BB receiving clock. The transport of the BB seems to starting and stopping correctly, which is great! I loaded some loops into a new preset and trigger the loops, everything seems to run in sync, great again!

    So my question relates to the stopping of the looping clips, when I stop the Digitakt, the loops in the BB keep running until I manually stop them on the BB. Am I missing something? I would like everything to stop when I stop the Digitakt sequencer.

    Any help would be much appreciated.