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Using external controller for triggering pads

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  • Using external controller for triggering pads

    Hello, dear support

    I'm going to use the playtron circuit board to trigger the samples on the pads. The thing is that the board itself is not programmable, therefore it sends the predefined set of MIDI notes to the gear and connects via USB.
    Would it be possible to have any king of mapping, so that I could map each of the pads to the concrete note of the playtron device?
    The same question would be about "Midifighter classic" controller, which is again not configurable.

    Thanks and best regards,

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    Thanks for bringing the Playtronica to our attention. We have lots of work to do when it comes to supporting external MIDI controllers.


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      Thanks for the response, Aaron

      Assuming I could update the firmware on Playtron, assigning the notes according to the Blackbox implementation table, will it work as a MIDI host for the Playtron? Or additional changes are required to support every new USB-MIDI gear from your side? I'm just wandering whether I could use the blackbox as an PC+Soundcard+Ableton replacement for the simple scenarios with Playtron



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        The USB MIDI standard was written in the late 90s. Most simple controllers built in the past 5 years support it because there are built in drivers in Windows and Mac. From what I can tell, the Playtron uses this approach. Assuming it does, it will work with blackbox.


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          Anyone tried the Midi Fighter Twister with the blackbox? Is it easy to setup?


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            Hi, xeamus
            Did not try the Midi Fighter Twister, but successfully use Midi Fighter Classic, that works pretty well for triggering pads
            Additionally, I asked about the Playtron, and finally I was able to test it with blackbox - and IT WORKS!
            For the simple installations without a laptop now I began using the blackbox with Playtron, just use the PADS triggering only.
            Click image for larger version

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