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  • Help w/ MIDI

    Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me figure this out. Effectively, I just want to set up the BB so that whichever sample slot is selected w/ slices will respond to the keyboard controller attached, with non-selected sample slots inactive.

    Right now, I’ve been going into each slot and switching the MIDI channel to “1”, and switching it back to default, before assigning the next one to “1”.

    please tell me this is possible.

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    Guess thats how you have to do it, if you have no quick way on your controller to switch the midi channel ...

    If you can, however you can assign different midi in channels to the pads and just switch the channels accordingly on your controller.

    I think we should all get a presonus atom, which Aaron uses, which has midi channel selection right at the press of a dedicated button ...

    Maybe we could have an auto midi in routing to the selected pad at least when on the keys screen ?
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