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Midi Fighter Twister randomly losing power when switching presets!!

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  • Midi Fighter Twister randomly losing power when switching presets!!

    I'm using firmware ver 1.1.1 The MFT is programmed 1 channel per cell and controlling the level of that cell. All of that works perfectly AFAIK. BUT.... when switching Presets, the MFT loses power, goes black and comes back on. This happens a few times in a row. Then (when changing to a new preset) it will stay on but when you go to turn a knob, it loses power and resets again. After reset, it seems to work fine. I was planning on using this for a live set but now I'm very unsure. Anyone else have this issue or similar? Is this a bug?

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    Update: When I turned it on this morning (after sitting off for 8 hours) everything is working as expected i.e. no power down issues with the Twister. I'm going to leave the unit on all day and keep testing. I will update this post tonight with those results.


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      Still happening! On for 6 hours now. This time it is randomly losing power both when switching presets AND during normal operation on a single preset. I have tried switching cables to no avail. Sadly, in this state, The BB and Twister combo are not usable in a live context. However, when the power loss isn't happening, holy hell, this is a powerful combination. I have each knob mapped to control volume of each cell and the push encoder (each knob can also act as a switch) to turn the cell on and off! Brilliant, if not for the power loss.

      The only work around to this, and one I will try, is running the MFT through a iconnect midi and into the BB via the TRS midi input. Hopefully this will solve the power issue.


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        Sorry to hear this. It sounds like a power issue of some kind. Are you using the supplied USB power adapter? Are you using USB cables meant for charging devices?


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          I wonder if there's a way to power the MFT externally and have it also connected to the BB. I'm about to buy a MFT so I'd like to know how this turns out.


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            Hi Aaron,
            I bought a preliminary unit so I can't remember if I'm using the supplied one or if it even came with one. Is there anyway to see a pic of it or get some specs to compare? I'm using a long (as it 15') USB cable from amazon basics to connect the power adapter and the BB and not sure if it's meant to charge devices. Let me know what I can do to test this.


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              The way I'm getting around the issue now is by powering the MFT via an iconnect audio 4+ with the BB connected via it's DIN in to the iconnects DIN out (the MFT uses a host port). Works perfectly this way but that doesn't tell us what the issue is between the MFT and BB directly. I did it like this so I could play live confidently. The huge (theoretical, I haven't tried it yet) advantage to this is that BB can have multiple controllers feeding it midi i.e. a keyboard and the MFT.


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                First, I ran an overnight test with a MIDI twister connected to a blackbox and it is still running successfully.

                Next, a 15' USB cable sounds like a bad idea for a configuration where you are also powering a secondary device. Your basic USB cable isn't meant to power two devices. It doesn't use wire thick enough to supply enough current. You can see a voltage drop of nearly 1V just across the cable. We supply a cable meant for this purpose. If you need to buy one, make sure you order something meant for charging devices.

                The charger we supply isn't anything special. It's rated at 2.5A. Anything capable of supplying more than 2A should do the job. This typically means the bigger charger supplied with an iPad or a generic charging station. The charger that typically comes with a phone won't be enough.

                Please give this stuff a try and let us know.