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Midi Fighter Twister randomly losing power when switching presets!!

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    I made a video of the problem in action. Anyone have any idea what's going on? Cheers!


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      Originally posted by PatrickHaggart View Post
      Hey Quasimonastic ,
      I just purchased the MFT and it was working perfectly with the BB for the first 30 minutes and then I ended up with the exact same problem as you. It's very strange because I am using two very good quality short USB cables and the supplied charger. Did you ever find out what the problem was? I noticed that when I plug the MFT into my computer it works perfectly and when I plug a Novation Control XL into the BB it also works, so I just can't wrap my head around why the MFT won't stay on.
      Hi Patrick,

      Because I stopped testing and now run my MFT through an Iconnect I never did solve the issue. Aaron posted some possible reasons and a few suggestions (which it seems like you have implemented) but I have not gone back and changed things because everything is so stable now. Apologies that I could not help.


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        I see, so strange. Thanks for the reply though

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      Quasimonastic I figured it out!!!!! The MFT draws too much power so you can get it to work if you put the LED brightness in the MFT utility to the lowest possible brightness. Granted you loose the color coding light at the bottom of each knob. I'm going to order one of these cables next to just power the MFT so I can have the best of both worlds:
      I'll post again if that works as well.


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        YES!!! good for you and a huge thank you for sorting that out. At least other MFT owners will not struggle as much. To that end, the combo of MFT with an Iconnect (I'm using the Audio 4+) and launchpad X and the Blackbox is amazing. I'm controlling the BB with the MFT, LPX and the Hermod. The MFT is also controlling a zoia with a touche in there (also for the hermod) just because I can. Of course the MFT and BB together is way more streamlined but it's wonderful to know the BB can handle so much more (there are some caveats to this but I haven't had time to write them up).



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          It really is the USB cable, if you have a sufficient power supply.
          I just now went through 2 USB cables that didn't work.
          The third seems to be working for now. (It's a Native Instruments USB cable with a ferrite choke, so I suppose it might be better quality than the other two)
          I also have the LEDs dimmed, as that is the first thing I tried after reading this thread.

          Note: I'm referring to the USB cable going from the 1010music-supplied PSU to the Blackbox.

          Update March 2022: Even with good cables, Twister loses power.
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