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  • Firmware updating problem

    When I try to update the Black Box to v. 1.1.1 by copying the new firmware to the original SD card and then put it in the Black Box, following the steps of holding both BACK-button and INFO-button it will says "erasing". I then wait for will wait for the upgrading screen according to the instructions by the "How to install New Firmware on the Black Box" guide. It will never reach that screen. Then I have to pull the plug and restart the Black Box and it has v. 1.1.1. Is there a new way to upgrade the firmware that I have missed. I even formated the SD card (original, FAT 32) and copy all files back again to the SD card.

    Why does the Firmware upgrade go wrong when I have followed your guide? Anyone else with the same problem?

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    Are you letting go of BACK and INFO when the "erasing" screen appears? I kept them held in the first time and that doesn't work.


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      Did not let them go as instructed.


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        You can let go as soon as you see the firmware programming screens.


        • xeamus
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          Ok, thanks!

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        I'm also having problems. When i put 1.1.1 bin file onto the provided micro SD do i replace the existing bin file on the SD?
        i did this...
        when i power up and hold back & info buttons my BB doesn't go to the screen described in instructions.


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          Please try it a few times and make sure you are holding the buttons down firmly. Yes you need to overwrite the BLACKBOX.BIN file on the micro SD card.


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            I've tried multiple times Aaron. What do you recommend i do next?


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              For the sake of completeness, here are the instructions:

              If you aren't seeing the programming firmware screen, what are you seeing?

              Please be sure to hold HOME and INFO first, then connect the power.

              After that, common mistakes include copying the wrong BLACKBOX.BIN file and getting confused about ZIP files. Some browsers, most notably Safari, will unzip automatically and make life more confusing.


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                Aaron sir, you r a genius. Got it working. Holding buttons first then connecting power must be the key as worked 1st time. Cheers mate


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                  Hi, im new here. just got my Blackbox today. I tried to update but it wont work. After installing 1.5.1 the Blackbox Keep restarting again and again. 1.0.6 was running normal. Tried 1.6. but same Thing. After the massage success it keeps restarting.

                  edit: tried with a 8gb SD Card and it worked. 200GB Card didnt.


                  • underwood
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                    Format you 200GB card with Rufus in exFAT and try again.

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                  hello, Im trying to go from 1.5.1 to the new 1.6 firmware update and I keep getting the (unable to find installer screen) Ive tried both, letting go of the BACK and INFO right when you see the words and holding them down through the installation screen. Also my micro SD is exFat formated... Please help.


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                  I had saving issues running 1.6.4.
                  Now I'm trying to update to 1.7.3. but it says "unable to find firmware"
                  SD card is formatted (exfat) and I did do a previous update.

                  Please let me know how to solve the problem.



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                    I now have formatted my card to FAT32 and apparently this worked out.


                    • underwood
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                      That is weird, with older FW exFAT was the preferred file system. What do you use to format the card?
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                    Yeah I know.. It’s a sandisk 64gb sd card formatted with my PowerBook.


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                      I use a SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB with no problems on the latest 1.6.x. These problems keep me from updating.

                      Would be nice if 1010music settle on one Filesystem and as addition, include a formatting function. Lots of problems with updates and sd-cards related with the blackbox are caused by wrong formatted or incompatible sd-cards. My zoom recorder can format and check the sd card. All cameras I have owned had an format function and my SoundDevices Recorder only allow cards that are formatted by the device itself. So this feature would be essential.