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Clip mode doesn´t work for me

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  • Clip mode doesn´t work for me

    I have a sample that I want to be played just as long time in the lower pitch as in the higher pitch when I play it on the KEYS. I change the sample I uploaded (first bass-sample on Loopmasters/One Shots) from "Sample" to "Clip". When I push the play button in the right upper corner it do nothing and become a white square (why is it a play icon that do nothing?). When I turn the knobs it does nothing (perhaps not a feautere yet?). When I try to play the sound on KEYS nothing happends.

    Please explain. I have the new firmware 1.1.1, but I had some problems to install it (created a thread for that problem)

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    There was a new function in 1.1.1 or 1.1 that allows 'arming' of clips, so they only start (synchronized) when play is pressed. That applies to the pad screen and also the trigger buttons in the sub pages.
    I found that a nice feature, but a confusing not very intuitive implementation.


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      Ok, thanks for the explanation. Then I now it´s not just me. I believe more people than us finds it confusing so hopefully the Black Box staff considering to make this function more intuitive. I will try to think of a way to make it easier to implement.

      More people having problem with this?


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        hi, I just had mine. Also, I can only play a clip from Clips if I hit the Play button (the transport button on the bottom). Same for you ?

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      I tried the function once again and I actually find it easy to understand now.
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