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  • midi issues

    Ever since the 1.2.2 update I've been having midi issues with the Blackbox. I sequence with a Squarp Pyramid, and previously I'd been able to assign different pads to different sequence tracks (e.g., a kick on one, hat on another, drop on a third, etc.) that could be toggled on and off independently from the Pyramid. I was also able to trigger individual pads via an external controller (the Pyramid or a keyboard). In theory this should all still be possible without having to assign individual midi channels to pads since the pads send and receive as individual notes. But it isn't working anymore. I've not been able to trigger individual pads via external controller (just different pitches of a single pad), and the Pyramid isn't communicating with the sequencer properly sending and receiving individual note information--i.e., when I record different pads on different sequencer tracks, the Blackbox just plays the same (most recently activated) pad on all the tracks. This is with the pads set as samples and the Blackbox patterns turned off.

    Is anyone else having these problems? As I said, it was working ok before the last update, and it's possible that I've missed some setting, but the midi options are pretty simple on the Blackbox so I'm not sure where I could have gone wrong. I'm stumped because this should be a very basic function: sending note info to trigger individual pads. I know I could just sequence everything on the Blackbox and trigger sequences from the Pyramid (and clock and start/stop still work fine), but the Pyramid is a much more sophisticated sequencer and I'd really like to just use the Blackbox as a (otherwise very cool and versatile) drum and tone generator.

    Oh, and I've also been having the hung note issues occasionally that others have reported (which usually can be reset manually).

    Any suggestions would be very welcome, and if this seems like it could be a bug I'd love to hear from the mods about this.

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    How did you set Midi Pads/Midi Keys in the Tool settings ? Maybe set midi pads to a dedicated channel.


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      Thanks, Zapman--great suggestion. I guess I got confused by the new tools midi options. I set pads to a dedicated channel, and now several different sequencer tracks set to that channel all play individual pads--just what I wanted! I think I'm still a little confused about the difference between the pads/keys midi settings, but I'll go back through the release notes and play around with things. It's fantastic that 1010 has been making such big updates, but it takes a while to get used to new menu configurations!


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        I guess it got a bit confusing with all the possible midi routings since 1.2.2..
        From what I understood from midi in options for now:
        - no midi channels set on individual pads:
        ---tools/midi pads: trigger pads on the set channel with the fixed notes 36-51
        ---tools/midi keys: When set to a channel, you can play the selected pad from an external midi keyboard
        ​​​​​​- midi in channel on pad: This is the old behavior, to give each pad a dedicated midi in, so you'll be able to have an external keyboard set up with splits or the possibility to quickly switch midi channels on that