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Bug Report - 1.2.2

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  • Bug Report - 1.2.2

    Wanna start a bug report?
    Here are some general issues that I came along with playing the Blackbox. Its my first few days using it.

    "Save as" in Sample Page sometimes does not save the sample to another folder. Other times it does.
    The Settings in Tools are lost sometimes. - I guess if Blackbox is turned off for longer time?
    Mutes - The first mute if I enter the page behaves odd. As if there's a latency. Not sure at that point as they behave other than analog mutes.

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    If I rename a recorded clip, it dont show the arm icon in PADS view (white rectangle). If I dont rename it, it shows that it is armed as expected. The clips both plays if I push PLAY.


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      I thought it was a bug that the info and back buttons don't allow shuffling through tabs like they used to, but idk. if not, it's a bummer to lose UI functionality, but I trust the gods of 1010 to know best lol


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        I don´t know if it is a bug but if you use the PADS minimap in the right top corner, when you are in SEQS view and pianoroll, it will not change the pad in PADS view like it does if you for example change pad in the minimap in KEYS view. I would like to select pad X and it also will change in the PADS view.

        Another thing I´ve discovered is in PSET view. If you push the grey corner in the top left you will go directly to PADS view.


        • Zapman
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          Nice easteregg find ! I'm still looking for the hidden tetris game

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        Or a Helicopter game. Most logic would be a tic tac toe game.


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          Hi with this latest update the grid edit seems strange. All my notes will drop to the bottom visually. Also the grid seems to take up the screen in a way where you can’t edit the bottom notes. Last the lower right knob will move notes up and down but down will stop midway and you can’t move notes any lower.


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            The Main Settings in Tools are lost sometimes. So always setting Midi and Compressor isn't a good workflow. Please fix it in an update. Thanks.


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              My Blackbox Crashes when renaming files.


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                My project got completely wiped when restarting BB... It got saved countless times prior. I can see the project name but get a clean slate when opening it. Joy.


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                  Originally posted by jonesybb View Post
                  My project got completely wiped when restarting BB... It got saved countless times prior. I can see the project name but get a clean slate when opening it. Joy.
                  That's terrible. Please put your micro SD card in a computer and make sure the file system is in good working order. This is called First Aid in Disk Utility on a Mac. On Windows is is a Cleanup tool in the properties dialog in Windows Explorer.


                  • jonesybb
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                    Good shout - will do later, thanks Aaron. This issue must be linked to the micro SD? Its so weird as the XML file is just blank. Does the BB have any other hidden directories with auto saves etc?

                  • DylanFree
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                    This exact same thing happened to me also. Ill try your suggestion.

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                  Hey folks,

                  My Blackbox fw 1.2.2 does not record midi notes unless at least one sample is loaded into any slot. Is this how it is supposed to be? After loading one sample all works as expected and I can record from external midi into any sequence slot.

                  Great device 1010, starting to get a feel for it. Cheers