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What info is saved with the wav?

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  • What info is saved with the wav?

    Pre-sale question: I've looked at videos and downloaded the manual but I'm still unclear about what exactly is saved with the wav on the card.

    I understand that you can now trim samples, rename, and even internally resample, but how much info is embedded in the actual wav file?

    Ideally I'd like to pull one-shots and perfect wav loops off the card and immediately use in other apps without further editing.

    Is that possible, or is most of the info in the Blackbox xml?


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    So far as I know the Slices are stored with the wav. Its not a preset saving the sound settings. But the 16 pads can be set as a template. Hope that helps.


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      Yes, a bit thanks. I suppose what I'm really trying to find out is whether my "perfect loop" inside Blackbox is still going to be a perfect loop when I drag it off the SD card into a DAW?


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        Yes it should be.


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          Thanks! I'll find out for sure soon - my Blackbox is on the way


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            As of version 1.2.2, the following parameters are stored in the WAV when you use the File Save or Save As command from the waveform screen:
            • The Slice Markers (stored as Cue Points)
            • The Loop Start and Loop End
            • The root note (samples and granular)
            • The beat count (clip mode)
            Please know that the start and length are not stored in the WAV. Use the trim command to create a new WAV from sample mode using the start and length as the beginning and ending of the file.


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              Is it a way to store the start and length in a WAV or in the project I work with? I really would like to not have to trim a WAV (if I just want to ger rid of a little part), just choose start and length in Sample mode and save it and use it in ALL the other modes without destroying the original WAV. I believe its more easy to find the perfect part/loop I want to use. Is that possible? If not, I would like to be able to loop start and length (so you can use it in Clipmode) because this is the part thats going to stay when you trim the file and not between the loopflags. Or?

              Thanks for listening! Great machine!
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                Originally posted by xeamus View Post
                Is it a way to store the start and length in a WAV or in the project I work with?
                I'm not aware of a commonly supported way to store the start and length in a WAV. The other stuff I mentioned can be edited in Sound Forge and other editors.


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                  Then I would actually be happy to just loop start and length so I can trim a loop Im happy with and use that WAV in Clipmode and the other modes. Because today its start and length that decides what is going to stay after I trim a WAV and not the looping points, right?