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Clip playback is not affected by MIDI transport

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  • Clip playback is not affected by MIDI transport

    When the BB is MIDI slave, sample cells which are currently playing are not stopped when a MIDI stop is received. Additionally, when MIDI start is received, the playback of the sample cells is out of sync until it reaches the end (this can be a long time).

    I'd expect that the playback of all cells stops when MIDI stop is received and the state is remembered so that the playback starts in sync when MIDI start is received.

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    I agree! Would make more sense if the clips stopped playing when a Midi stop is received.


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      I agree.
      Right now you have to hit stop on multiple devices


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        I bought a Blackbox to play sync clips along with a pyramid. It’s just a nightmare that the clips continue to play after the transport stop. The device is completely unsuitable for my setup. This is a clear mistake, this should not be. I really hope that the developers will fix it or I will have to return Blackbox back.