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Clips will not play

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  • Clips will not play


    I cannot get clips to play in my blackbox. Even the clips in the example presets don't play. Samples seem to play just fine. When a clip is played, the play button turns white and the playback head does not move across the waveform. If I convert a sample to a clip, it no longer plays.

    I was previously on v1.2.2 and just updated to v1.3.3 of the firmware and continue to have the same issue.

    I took a quick video to show the issue (please let me know if you are unable to see the video).

    Any thoughts?


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    You have to be in play mode (hit physical play button) for the clips to start.
    You otherwise only arm them.


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      Clips are designed to sync with a clock. Therefore, they need a clock to play. The clock is only running when you push the physical play button. The white progress bar shows the clip is armed and will start the next time you push the physical Play button to start the clock or start following the incoming MIDI or analog clock.


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        That was totally it. Thank you both. I should probably go back and read the manual.