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1.3.6 Note Release [BUG?] w MIDI Keyboard

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  • 1.3.6 Note Release [BUG?] w MIDI Keyboard

    Greetings, 1010 forum. I've had my Blackbox since preorder, and just got around to updating it to firmware v 1.3.6, because i thought the multi-sampling and MIDI modulation capabilities in the new version looked pretty cool.
    Since the update, I've been noticing what could be a bug: while i have my MIDI keyboard connected over USB (Nektar Impact GX49), I boot up Blackbox and load in one of the factory multisampled patches from v 1.3, then set MIDI In to Channel 1.
    The issue is: when Launch Mode is set to "Gate," sometimes the notes do not release as I pick up my hands from the keyboard, giving random notes a sort of "sustain pedal"-type effect. This happens only when I am playing 3 or 4 voices at the same time in rapid succession, and usually the problematic notes are adjacent to each other chromatically, or less than a minor third apart... (I'm guessing this has something to do with the fact that those keys are all using the same sample, BUT it seems that this happens for single-sample patches as well, so i guess that's out).
    Anyways, I am wondering what causes this issue, or if it is indeed a bug.
    Anything is appreciated, and thank you.