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Sample Trimming Cursor Sometimes Less Responsive/Laggy

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  • Sample Trimming Cursor Sometimes Less Responsive/Laggy

    When trimming a sample’s loop points, the lower right encoder corresponding to the end loop point will sometimes be less responsive and lag/freeze. I need to turn it more than normal or back and forth to get it moving properly. Once this starts for a sample being edited, it persists. It usually seems to work with far fewer issues when zoomed out.

    The encoder itself is fine. In other functions, it works smoothly and precise. Never a lag in its movement and values adjust perfectly. Only issue is in the waveform edit window.

    This seems like a minor bug, but it gets a bit annoying when editing a bunch of samples.

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    I’ve seen that before myself. We thought it was fixed. Any info you can share about more specific repro steps would be appreciated.


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      I can try and add some detail. What I’m doing is quite basic.

      - sample 10-30 seconds worth of audio
      - choose it to be a forward loop
      - set sample to toggle mode
      - zoom a few times for better view of waveform
      - set start of sample which is also the beginning loop point
      - start the loop playing
      - adjust the end point which is also the ending of the loop, still zoomed in close enough for detailed ending point selection
      - the white cursor usually begins to lag when zoomed in. Seems to be better when zoomed out to whole waveform
      - trim and save

      I cannot think of anything else noteworthy.
      Let me me know if you have further questions.

      Thank you