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Clips not loading settings correctly after save

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  • Clips not loading settings correctly after save

    I notice that if you load a sample into a clip slot that it will preserve the settings of the previous clip in that slot (same pitch, quant, beat count etc). This is really handy

    However there is an annoying issue that if you have previously saved that clip using the blackbox (using save so I can persist the beat count), when it is reloaded, the quant size will reset back to "1 bar" no matter what it was set to before.

    Expected behaviour would be to leave "quant" as it was before, or save the quant value in the clip and reload it appropriately. Right now, it makes swapping out samples in a live setting a bit more tedious than necessary.

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    Other properties that get reset when loading a clip that has been previously saved:

    - loop mode
    - trigger mode (pretty sure)

    Both of these should probably be stored in the file itself, or left as is when loading a saved clip. Resetting back to default is not very helpful.

    I notice the reset also happens at the moment when you save a clip (not just when you open it again later).


    • Zapman
      Zapman commented
      Editing a comment
      Are you on the latest firmware?

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    Yes, 1.3.6

    can you try reproducing and see if you get the same issue?

    1. Load a sample
    2. Set mode to “clip”
    3. Set the beat count to something (this one setting is preserved)
    4. Set quantise mode to something other than 1 beat
    5. Set loop mode to false
    6. Save the clip (using File -> Save {overwrite})
    7. Now repeat above for another clip and try swapping them
    8. Each time you load one of the clips that you have saved using the black box, loop, quant and other settings (but not beat length) get reverted to default values
    9. However if you load a clip that has not had “Save” run on it, then it preserves those settings from the previous clip.