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Need more than 16 pads in a preset

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  • Need more than 16 pads in a preset

    The following request was received from a user:
    "I would love to be able to have atleast 32 samples in a project, the current 16 samples dose t really cut it for me. Once i have added the drums, there is little to no room to Add additional samples.

    I am not asking for more notes, just to be able to add more sounds / building blocks i can have acces to in my projects.

    Please like or comment to this so 1010 will understand there is support for adding more samples to projects."

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    You could consider to buy a second BB.


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      Use multi samples or sliced sample chains.
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        I think everyone would like as many features as can be provided, and everyone will have a slightly different idea as to which is most important.

        You think there aren’t enough pads for drum samples, I rarely use 8 pads and usually only 3-6. I do this with a combination of regular one shot samples and slicers on other pads. It’s not uncommon for me to have 30-40 different drum/hit/etc sounds on tap in a project, only taking up 5-6 pads.

        Like any device, there are going to be limitations. For me, I have more than enough sounds available and plenty of room left over for pads, basses, leads, fx and everything else.

        Im sure of one thing, this company has shown dedication to updating and upgrading the features and usability of the BlackBox. I’m sure of another thing, no one customer will ever be totally satisfied with whatever features are added or how the machine evolves.

        I also would say that I do not want this machine to have every single feature that everyone wants. One of the greatest sparks to creativity is overcoming limitations. At first I was limited by using the 16 pads with only single shot wav’s on them. I wanted more so I started using it differently with slicers, multi sampling, resampling, and now I don’t have that problem anymore.

        I imagine there are plenty of owners that agree it needs more and others that do not need them. Can one opinion or the other be called the correct opinion?


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          I think you are missing the point with the importance of having 32 pads.

          Take last night. I recorded a nice rhodes 4 bar loop. Now that loop repeating itself would get boring. So i bounced it to audio and recorded another variation of it with a couple of different notes and bounced that to audio too. I did this 3 times. Now that is 4 subtle variations of a rhodes loop on 4 different pads. Really quick - Blackbox magic. BUT.....That is 4 pads/slots gone just on rhodes. I would do the same with a bass riff and thats half the slots gone. Now you could say - well why not just record a 12 bar loop and chop that up? Yeah great but what if i want different filter/res on each 2 bar variation? It all gets a bit messy. Just have 32 slots - makes life easier.

          Blackbox is a great tool for quickly composing. If it were mine - i would focus on that instead of adding an endless list of CPU hogging effects and turning it into some all consuming one stop daw groovebox.

          I mean yeah great 16 pads for messing about with some random loops....But to make the music interesting you would have to have different variations of similar things. Im not saying you cant make interesting music via slices/effects/mutes whatever, but this is just a slightly different way of composition

          So yes 32 slots (in both sounds and sequences) is very important. In fact if they did this - i wouldnt ask for another update ever again lol (well apart from assigning the volume to a damn knob and killing the annoying auto quantize)
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          • Dan
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            What I do in that situation is bounce the 4 rhodes files into a single .wav and load it into the Slicer. Only takes a couple of minutes.

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          I fo myself would first of all like to see free allocations of voices to pads.
          Whats the purpose of Rhodes multisamples if it can only be played with 4 notes ;(
          Having a complete drumset in a sliced sample is also very limited due to 2 voice restriction.
          That would free up more pads.


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            Yeah 16 pads are not enough sometimes. Just having a second page of samples (while the amount of voices doesn't have to change) would be very useful just to have more sounds available without changing the preset. And slices/multisamples are not always an option. I use this device as a loop player and one shot wonder and every sound on each pad is highly modified with the blackbox.

            But I fear that this can get messy since you have to change the view quite often and there's no way to have an overview for everything what's going on. And even worse: now you also have 2 pages for the mix and effect section as well.


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              Originally posted by jonesybb View Post
              I think you are missing the point
              You can rest easy and assured that an intelligent guy like myself is no way missing any point you put forth in your post. I, in fact, so fully understand your point that I reassert and stand by everything I wrote in my original response and encourage you to re-read it so that you are not in danger of missing my points.

              My points, reiterated, are that no one gadget will do everything you or anyone wants it to, that the team is working hard to implement the changes that the community most wants, and that your perception of how important your request is may a reality for some users, but is not a reality for all.

              To put it another way, it’s not important to me, a fellow BlackBox user, and that does not make me wrong or you correct. I fully understand your need for this implementation, and I hope you get it to help facilitate your music making. I think you need a different music making gadget which will satisfy your needs. If the BlackBox is never updated again, I will be keeping mine. Good luck with your endeavors.


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                Calm yourself down SF, this isnt Gear Slutz

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                  Originally posted by jonesybb View Post
                  Calm yourself down SF, this isnt Gear Slutz
                  You can also rest easy and assured that my level of calm hasn’t changed one way or another in replying to this public forum. Please go make music, and thanks for your concern.


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                    I echo Suspect Frequencies point of utilising the Slicer when you're running out of space. I have a bunch of templates that save a lot of time and space.
                    Here's my "Drum Hits" preset with 256 of my favourite one-shots on only 4 PADS.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1324.jpg Views:	0 Size:	109.3 KB ID:	10475


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                      Great approach! And if you assign a Midi CC to the slice number you can do funny things like switching kicks on an already recorded sequence. Would be so dope, if CCs would get recorded


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                        Originally posted by Finnsblackbox
                        That is a great workaround, so how do I make a long sample with 64 sounds from my BB library in Blackbox?
                        I just drag the samples on to an audio track in my DAW and bounce it down.


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                          It’s also great being able to program beats using all of the slices on the keys page, which gives a lot of variety


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                            If you want to do it on the blackbox itself:
                            Maybe you could put the blackbox in resampling mode and record when skipping and prelistening through your file browser.
                            Later just slice that.
                            Havn't tested if that's actually possible, though.

                            What would work for sure is to use the 'Load all' inside s directory of e.g. Kick Drums and then it will also distribute them on the keys. You even get 4 instead of 2 voice polyphony with that. To get a large slicable sample from that should be easy with resampling (maybe record a sequence before with all the favorites hits)