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Need more than 16 pads in a preset

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    Originally posted by jayneural View Post
    I agree that more than 16 pads would be nice but I’m afraid this could be problematic for the available CPU resources. You will end up with either less polyphony per pad and hence some voice stealing or with audio artefacts related to performance.
    I think the point is to have more pads for organizational purposes, not for playing more sounds at the same time.


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      Skinpop: I felt that need too in some occasions.

      This can be achieved I guess with global voice credit on the system and some clever voice stealing management in order to prioritize performance without sounding awkward. It can be delicate though.

      The crossfade/morphing between presets is another option but does not solve completely the “organizational” issue you mention.

      Fact is at the end we sometimes feel limited by one preset’s abilities. Let’s see what the 1010music teams think and can do about that.


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        I have posted this as a separate request, but If we could load individual samples to a part from different locations then this would give us more than enough on 16 pads and not using any more system resources than just a multisample or slice.

        you could group all your fx / one shot parts on one single pad freeing up space for melodic parts that need a separate channel.