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Multi-sample with multiple velocity levels : question and maybe feature request

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  • Multi-sample with multiple velocity levels : question and maybe feature request

    Can the Blackbox take Multi-sample sets that include WAVs recorded in multiple velocities and play right WAV according to the velocity it receives ?

    If not, that would be an awesome addition in order to use multi-velocity multi-sample recordings. If the information isn't available in the WAV meta-data, it looks like the standard is that the XXX level of velocity is the last three characters of the file name. So that could be used by the BB to detect the level of velocity of the WAV.

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    Does wave meta data have an option to contain velocity? This seems more like something a sampler would do automatically depending how it’s recorded and batched in whatever sampling software you’re using such as FL Studio, sample robot, Sample One XT, etc. someone mentioned a Mac only sampling DAW that does all the functions needed by default and exports in batches by default too, I found that suggestion very good but decided not to switch over to Mac and stay with the pc. Good luck!


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      I have a how to on another post which shows how to make multi sampled instruments for BB. But what I didn’t realize was FL Studio has this feature for velocities too:

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    The MPC software does the sampling in several levels of velocity and sets writes the level at the end of the generated WAV file names, but I’m unsure on how the BB handles this when played back loaded as multi-sample.


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      The Blackbox does not support multi-velocity multisample playback. However, you can set a multisample Pad to respond to incoming MIDI velocity. Not exactly what you're asking for but close. FYI - you can use the Slice mode to load multiple velocities/versions of a single wav file and switch Slice using incoming velocity.


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        Thank you Steve for the clarification (and for the suggested tip)

        That means this is officially a feature request to the 1010music team for multi-sample mode playback abilities.

        The use case, of course, is to be able to reproduce sampled instruments that sound different depending on the applied velocity and hence are sampled in multiple velocity levels (typically string or wind based instruments will have that characteristic, but not only...)

        I guess this does require to significantly modify the multi-sample playback engine. On the other hand, I don’t believe it will significantly more CPU power as it’s about testing the incoming velocity level and choosing the appropriate sample among the WAVs in the loaded folder.

        Overall I believe it’s totally worth it and relevant to the Blackbox product’s main goal which is to playback and sequence any sample the most accurately possible.
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