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  • Blackbox as a live looper

    Over the weekend I was trying to use bb as a looper for acoustic instruments: accordion, tuba, percussion. (via mic and preamp) Well it worked some way but the workflow was not smooth. I made a template with 16 empty pads: clip mode, some 1 bar, some 2 bars, some 4
    bars long and started the recording by threshold. Very often I had to delete the recorded file because something went wrong. Sometimes bb decides to switch from clip mode to sample mode so the recording does not start. Sometimes the threshold was too high or too low for the different instruments. In the end it was some kind of o.k. but it could be much smoother. For example with a midi foot pedal which starts and stops the recording, deletes the last recording (undo) and switch to the next empty pad. I think there is no need for overdub with 16 tracks available. A midi controller which could be programmed like this would be great. It would turn the bb into the most powerful live looper ever. :-) No need for an rc boss looper, pictronix or tc electronic (which I have been used so far)
    The new firmware update 1.4. is great by the way!!! I like the new "piano page" and the ability to set the volume of the metronome.

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    It has occurred to me that two or more different firmwares could be a good & thoughtful finale someday for bb. Because the realtime & step recording music creation process differs....different firmware could be more feature specific. Dedicated realtime/loop recording & sequencing vs. Step/grid type.
    More thoughts on this please..


    • martin
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      in my opinion there is no real need for 2 firmwares.
      I would be very happy with a simple single button looper for rec, play, stop, erase (click, double click, hold) or a 3 button looper for rec/play, stop, erase...

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      This wish is needed to avoid pad settings reset


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        I totally agree with Martin