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  • omukade
    Can I add in cc control of playback direction?

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  • Jack Pimiento
    started a topic General Wishlist

    General Wishlist

    I'm enjoying the BB but do find myself hoping that the following might be implemented in a future update.

    Smooth bi directional looping (and no click looping in general) Would enable creating longer sounds from short samples.
    Some LFOs with plenty of destinations.
    Adding resonance to the filter
    Adding some more FX to choose from. Don't mind two slots. It would just be nice to have more to choose from.
    Velocity editing in sequence
    Routing options. If a pad is routed to output 1,2 or 3 then remove those sounds from the headphone out.
    Sequences longer than 128 bars.

    Just putting my ideas out there.