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BlackBox minimal zip carry case or a sleeve

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  • BlackBox minimal zip carry case or a sleeve

    It would awesome of you guys made neat minimal carry zip case or sleeve for the BlackBox that would protect when thrown in work bag or rucksack.

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    This works great.
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        Do you know any case that would fit the BB in a switched-on/usable position, leave some room for the cabling on the back and for a medium size battery on the side ?

        So far it hasn't been very practical to use it in mobility situations. The only way I found is to put some Velcro on the bottom and stick a battery under it. However I'm sure there will be a bomb alert in the train or plane if someone sees me with this setup. Especially if I use multiple color jack cables to sample the iPhone

        BTW, it did almost happen to me on a Delta airlines plane to LA a few months ago with a Roland MC-101, though it was running on its internal batteries and nothing else connected but my headphones. The flight attendent asked me what this was, and when I explained she told me "this looks like a bomb with all the lights and the screen".