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Give us some colours on the UI :)

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  • Give us some colours on the UI :)

    So far I love my BB, including the very straightforward UI, though sometimes I feel a bit bored about the lack of colors and the 8-bit style font. It's high contrast type of UI may also cause fatigue I believe.

    I know it's part of the spirit of the modular world from where the BB has its origins (bitbox/toolbox etc), but in contrary to a modular setup, we will tend to spend more time on the BBs screen as it has less unitary functionality and plays standalone too.

    For those who've been kids in the 80s, the current colour scheme reminds me a lot a DOS game by IBM called Alley Cat (see picture), not sure it was intended though
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Alley Cat.png Views:	0 Size:	1.02 MB ID:	10995

    I was thinking more color-coding "à la TE Op-1", a bit of colour around the interface and a smoother font would make the BB more plaisant to use.

    Of course, if that means more CPU usage and having to forget other functionality, you can just confirm that and ignore my request. I prefer the functionality over graphics. But at least, I believe some minimal color coding that includes more colours than the current two (Purple and Blue) shouldn't be too much resource hungry.
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    Totally agree ! And color could be an improvement on the sequencer ; I think i’ve saw a thread about this !


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      +1 for some color options!


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        i ve already post a similar request
        When you have 12 sequences with differents sounds ( for exemple) , small columns with color will be practical to see quickly in sequence view what sounds are in the sequence .
        So 16 color ?
        for now we have small white columns in a pink case , if you want to see the sound you must go in ...


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          frankly speaking Im very sceptic with the idea using color. The display is so lean and clear. The color used in current state highlights exactly what is important. Nothing is distracting. And this is my main fear, having a paintbox that looses simplicity and increase distraction.

          If this idea will be an option to switch on and off or customizable than I'm fine.


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            In my request I’m not asking the UI to be colorful like a toy. The use of colors should be functional.

            I cited “OP-1 like” functional approach where each color has a meaning. Say for example in the record functions I would like to see some red and maybe some orange during overdub.

            Fact is right now we are limited to a couple of colors.

            Also right now everything is quite high contrast, I’m ok with that, especially if it does save some battery and resources, however, I would appreciate some smoother colors and fonts.

            This could be optional for those who are used to the modular world were this kind of UI is suitable.