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  • Noise gate

    Any chance we can get a noise gate on the output?

    I noticed BB has a bit more noise than most of my gear, and even though it's present with nothing playing it appears to be pre-converter (turning the compressor on/off changes the noise volume), so a software gate should help.

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    I also noticed more noise than usually on the BB. Could this be due to the "modular type" of level on the outputs. I hope some software noisegate mode could help.

    Otherwise, for non live situation, export of all tracks (PADS) as WAV on the sd card, could also help in producing something clean.


    • 76Rich
      76Rich commented
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      I would say it's down to the usb. There's ground loop adapters on amazon etc. that can deal with it. It's not ideal of course, but it's an option

    • rookok
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      The noise I'm getting is in the digital signal. If it was a ground loop issue that would be obvious, if it was another kind of power issue the compressor wouldn't make a difference. Even if it (the compressor) was a discrete component, you'd notice if it came after the amplifier in the signal chain.

      Whether it's sourced from the internal mix or showing up on an input, a software gate on the output will help.

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    Well, yes, using the supplied power supply does help in getting the best sound, but overall, this isn’t the best quality of outputs I’ve heard. There is no doubt they do provide enough gain though.